eJukes by It Goes Like

Make your songs spin with an eJuke. Fans use virtual quarters to make selections, and can set a disc color and light show. Your tracks spin at 33 rpm. You can offer quarters and downloads for sale, with the money going direct to your PayPal. Works on all modern devices!

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picture of a house party.
Ain’t no party like a house party with eJukes

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Screencast of eJuke!!

animated gif of a screencast quickly going through listening experience with visual choices.
Patron selects a track, and adjusts her Preferences for a disc color and background. Then clicks to purchase the track. The IGL eJuke looks and works great on phones, tablets, computers.

Monthly Visual Choices

We are dedicated to offering your patrons an engaging visual experience while listening to your tracks. Each month, a new set of disc colors / patterns. For June:

list of color choices for the disc
black, red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, green, aqua, leopard-skin, zebra-skin, tangerine

Light Shows

Animations that play in the background while your tracks spin.. For June, fans choose from :

list of Background choices such as CarChase and PacMan

Not Only for Music!

Brilliant Los Angeles comedian Jim Coughlin uses It Goes Like eJuke to stream tracks from his award-winning debut comedy album “A Little Off the Top of My Head.”

picture of Jim's comedy album

See more examples of different types of artists, managers of an IGL eJuke.


Mp3 and cover art is stored with world-class cloud specialist Dropbox.
Each eJuke is connected to its own Google Spreadsheet as a data source. You have the option to edit it manually.


Every Quarter Tells a Story

Each quarter used in your eJuke is unique, with a year of mint and serial number. In Stats, you can see the history of every quarter redeemed at your eJuke : when it was obtained, when it was used, which song was selected, and in what city.

So often have these questions been asked!

Rather then repeat them, see the answers in the FAQ.


After your account is approved, you can upgrade for expanded capabilities such as selling and offering more tracks. Learn about the free and paid service levels.


Girl, you know it’s true: It Goes Like eJuke is built and managed by musicians. Learn more in the About page.

picture of a spinning disc from eJuke


If you are a songwriter / musician / original sound creator , who has mp3s of your recordings, then you oughta make your tracks spin using the It Goes Like eJuke. Here’s how to get started.

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