Hello, I am Matt Hanley. You may know me as the creator of ‘revolutionary’ streaming music service, eJukes.com. Here at It Goes Like Dot Com I advocate for people-centered design and UX writing that allows users to understand and navigate systems in minimal time and with maximum enjoyment.

Target Audience

It Goes Like dot com is intended for User Experience Professionals (UXP) and representatives of organizations seeking UX design and UX writing (sometimes called ‘microcopy’).

Issues we explore include:

  • usability
  • user experience
  • human computer interaction (HCI)
  • product design
  • system design
  • humanity
  • user flows
  • business objectives
  • task completion
  • customer satisfaction.

Open for Business

I am a New York City-based User Experience Professional (UXP) offering design and writing services.

See about Hiring Me.

How Does it Go?

By their nature, digital products have their instructions baked in, as prompts and explanations along the user flow. But a guide, or ‘how-to’, and even a product review can be done separately to assist users and to engage the UXP community. That will be fodder for the blog.

Pinpoint and MicroApps

A pinpoint or microapp is a widget for a user to complete a single task. They are a good area of study to assess usability, and a great way to introduce piecemeal improvements to a system’s overall user experience. Because of my background in coding, I can be coaxed to build out the full solution for a microapp. For example, this thermometer.