I have a background in journalism and marketing (B.S. from the U. of South Carolina). The WWW offered a place to write, use logic, innovate, and be entrepreneurial. I’ve enjoyed working on teams and building stuff out of nowhere.

My career has included various roles on marketing and development teams for digital products and e-commerce sites. I got my start in digital marketing as the webmaster for Piggly Wiggly of the Carolinas.

Piggly Wiggly website

Career highlights include:

  • The New York Times, Marketing Services, Lead Developer (6 years)
  • Vanguard Direct / City of New York, Interactive Designer (2 years)
  • Stints at NYC ad agencies FCB Draft, JW Thompson
  • Marketing team member at NakedWines.com(2 years)
  • Work at innovative Axis Interactive of Los Angeles.

I also built a number of side or self-funded projects including The SmartSeller e-commerce app, Wazitat (personal inventory manager), The Bit Tracker 2000 (joke organizer), and Two Way Street (polling app).

After launching eJukes.com, I have been focusing on user experience, developing my knowledge and skills to improve the human condition through smart design. My objective is to have a large and positive influence as have pioneers Don Norman, Jakob Nielsen, and Tim Brown.

Other Interests

I am described as a “health nut.” I love running and exercise and eating well. My favorite hobby is writing and playing music.