Words and Music by Matt Hanley



Drive so long without stops
lights turns green on cue
now a red, that’s alright.
time to enjoy the view.

to the left, got the Hudson
got the Garden State.
to my right, shiny buildings
and my darling date.

the West side highway
i think i love you
baby, you’re cool.

Boats in the river, cars sail by
drive defensivley
Little Honda cuts us off
let’s Let It Be

Intrepid Museum coming up
no loathing or fear on this ride.
Nothings wrong, all is bright
When I got you by my side.

The West Side Highway
i think i love you
baby it’s true.

You’re so beautiful
This time is wonderful

The Westside Highway
i’m sure i love you
Baby it’s you.
Baby baby
it’s you !

© 2020 Matthew P. Hanley (BMI)