Words and Music by Matt Hanley, with Hart Littlejohn



While passing out hors d’oeuvres my dear I was blind to all the guests
I wanna take you for a roll baby, you sure can rock that dress
Great to open our home sweetheart, have festive friends to toast
Wanna open your presents baby. Give it up for my co-host

Can’t wait forever. Let’s lie together.
We can’t ‘cause there’s coats on the bed
If we had a coat rack, could be chillin’ in the sack
Why’d we put the coats on the bed

All these gifts got me thinkin’ dear, we have to think outside the box
There must be room in the closet, ain’t the bathroom worth a shot
Such a hot mamma, get in your pajamas
Can’t ‘cause there’s coats on the bed
It’s okay if we lie, say there’s no cake or pie
Time to get these coats off the bed

I know this is hard on you, it’s hard on me too dear
Take a breath. Make some drinks. Spread the holiday cheer

I dig what you’re sayin’, gotta channel my energy
How bout we check the light bulbs in the back of the Christmas tree

Come enjoy the party, all is gay and hearty
Blessed with friends with coats on the bed
Happy Jingalinging , dancing and singing
Party time coats on the bed
Serve coffee and cake. We must stay awake
Can’t sleep. There’s coats on the bed
Like Joseph and Mary, we’ll wait until we carry
Carry off those coats from the bed

©2016 Matthew P. Hanley