How’s It Go?

Exhibitions / Analysis of Songs, Dances, Jokes and other Areas of Study .. with an emphasis on the works of your guide, Matt Hanley

MH plays guitar inside a limo
Songs by Matthew P. Hanley registered with BMI include “I Dig Marie”, “My Occupation”, and the holiday classic “Coats on the Bed.”

Hi, I’m Matt Hanley, a New York songwriter. You may know me for “Horse Walks into a Bar (Why the Long Face)” , or for hosting a Times Square talk show, or for producing the world’s first-ever disco dramedy, “To Be With You.” This website offers videos, a virtual jukebox and meta-data about each of my tunes. It also features musings of mine, and breakdowns of dances, comedy routines and more ; often of a NON-MH provenance !

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This is NOT …

A comprehensive cataloging of all popular music. For that, visit or

Nor is this website very deep (or wide!) in any significant education in song, dance. For the most part, I’ll only tell you how something goes. If the subject of that run-down interests you, hop on over to YouTube or a local dance school for instruction.

Show Me How It Goes

Kevin at piano with MH
My brother Kevin, at piano, has helped me a lot in learning to turn ideas to songs. Here I had the chance to record him on a tune “Whenever Next Time Is”, putting me in the ironic position of telling him how something goes!