How’s It Go?

Exhibitions / Analysis of Songs, Dances, Jokes and other Areas of Study .. with an emphasis on the works of your guide, Matt Hanley

Hi, I’m Matt Hanley, a songwriter living in New York, NY. You may know me as the creator of the first ever DISCO DRAMEDY “To Be With You” or for writing such chestnuts as “Whenever Next Time Is” and “Why Do We Marry?” This website has info about my songs, as well as mp3, videos and a unique virtual jukebox. You get ‘meta data’ and a rich context – so you can jam along and know enough to tell all your girlfriends about it!

Matt Hanley in action
from the video for Matt Hanley song “One More Week”

random song of the week ! (may 23)

You can listen to all the Starring MH / Matt Hanley songs over at BandCamp .. but this site is where you can become a SCHOLAR !

getting to the essence >>>

artwork for EVH by Starring MH  artwork for I Dig Marie by Starring MH  artwork for Just Say You Do by Starring MH  jukebox at

Images can convey the gist of a song. Above is some cover art for Matt Hanley / Starring MH singles. You can see more in the ItGoesLike virtual jukebox.

I enjoy writing and telling stories as well as getting out and mixing it up with God’s best invention : human beings. This website features some musings of mine, and also breakdowns of jokes, comedy routines, and dances – some of my invention ; some of a non-MH origin.

May’s header sheet music

sheet music To Be With You

Sheet music in the header is from a piano line in “To Be With You”, the title track to my new album (links to Sand Records distro page). The project was a personal challenge to play all instruments (guitar, bass, piano, percussion, harmonica, and more). I’ll be sharing more sheet music soon.

Fifty songs and counting

As of March 2022, there are 50 songs in the Matthew P. Hanley catalog, that you can learn about here at You’ll get : the gist, synopsis, clips, chord charts, lyrics .. your choice to obtain a ‘snapshot’ or a ‘deep-dive’ as ducks say.

some songs have videos WHAT

girl you know it’s true : videos can be a gas gas gas! we might make some instructional type videos, but meanwhile yo, there are some tunes of mine where I produced a full-court, MTV-type music video. Here’s one..

let me explain! it goes like ..

My brother Kevin, at piano, has helped me a lot in learning to turn ideas to songs. Here I had the chance to record him on a tune “Whenever Next Time Is”, putting me in the ironic position of telling him how something goes!