How’s It Go?

This is exactly the website you’d expect from an empathetic nerdy songwriter who likes making software and advocates for humanity in its dealings with computers. What you get here at It Goes Like dot com:

Design Reviews – I show the step-by-step of an interaction design, often to criticize where it fails humanity. For example, how does Paramount+’s sign-up process go? You can learn how here.
I also do reviews privately for-hire. Learn how you can obtain “three upgrades” through my consulting under “Site Improvement.”

Software to Help You Show How Something Goes or See How Things are Going … (a mouthful!) – As of Feb 2023, we have 3 web apps : Let Sister is a free app for performers to generate set lists, grade their gigs, search for shows and open mics, and track how their songs and bits are doing over time. Two Way Street is a fun to use tool to generate surveys for your patrons. Two Way Street is ideal for craftsmen, performers, small business owners, restaurants to get feedback or survey their fans, customers. And, thirdly, there is a Virtual Jukebox, a webapp that reads your spreadsheet of song catalog and offers it to your fans through an interactive jukebox.. The records spin. The artwork and lyrics are available with a click. Check it out!

Simulations – when time allows, I’ll build a game or simulator. For example, my New York City Subway Game gives you the experience of randomness and shifting fortunes that you would normally only get from the MTA.