We live in cold climes, ma’am
Discomfort appears our fate.
Springtime never comes early,
For winter you don’t have to wait.

Even when Summer breezes in
and we seem to be in the clear,
Back comes March-like roaring rain.
Making frost a viable fear.

Can’t figure out the cause of this.
Don’t know who holds sway.
If Mother Nature is a thing,
Social Services should take us away.

Don’t have to make it like Florida.
We don’t need an everyday sun.
Just want our seasons even, ma’am.
Three months each, then done.

We deserve some peace of mind,
Not another temperature swoon.
Sweaters should stay stored away.
Cold Spring shan’t infringe on June.

If you visit, cover your ears
Or you’ll hear F-bombs and goddamn
Excuse our angry attitude
We live in cold climes, ma’am.