I’ve been super crazy busy.
Desk’s a terrible mess.
If I’m told you’ve been sneezing.
I’d no time to say “God Bless.”

Now, about that lunch date.
Gonna have to take a rain check.
Boss just gave out assignments.
Got assignments up to my neck.

Correct: I have an opening this morning.
But I won’t have you thinking I’m cheap.
Could only give you Four-teen minutes.
And I must answer each Blackberry beep.

I still pray to God we’ll meet up.
How about that kite seminar?
Wait – kite seminar’s on Thursday.
Thursday I gotta take in my car.

Then it’s straight to the islands.
Weekend gig picking coconuts.
New week Mom and Dad come to visit.
I’d love to hang out with you, but…

If you really want to see me,
commit to some other time.
Wondering if I like you?
Read between the lines!

© 2024 Matthew P. Hanley