Former President Donald Trump began selling a “God Bless the USA” Bible for $60 this past week.

The cover has an orange lacquer finish.

He called the Gideons suckers for giving away copies.

At his hotels, copies of his bible are in the mini-bar.

Enters buyer into a drawing to spend next Palm Sunday at glamorous West Palm Beach.

Revelations includes a foreword by Vladimir Putin

He’s also selling direct to churches, a wine that he says will make Communion grape again

Includes a handwritten chorus of a Lee Greenwood anthem, ‘God Bless the USA’ and pointedly excludes any anthem written by “that loser Francis Scott Key” who had his bridge collapse.

It’s the only bible where Jesus walks the cross in gold leather high-top sneakers.

It has a family history section where you can mark the birth of your favorite daughter.

He says it’s so luxurious, you and your spouse will be arguing about who gets to keep it when your divorce.