Words and Music by Matt Hanley



You whisper dear sister. Point out how I messed up
Guessin’ what you think’s in my cup.
It’s Gatorade I’m sippin’. My days are filled with good things
Exercise and such and such
Some nights when I get done I’ll put away some cold ones
But whiskey you won’t see me touch

I swim everyday I’m at the pool
I’m often up at dawn
I don’t drink whiskey
When it’s gone

My quibblin’ sibling say I surpass limits
I do declare I’ve had enough
Don’t be in such a hurry to point at me and worry
I’m stayin’ clear of harder stuff
Go tell it on the mountain I stick to water fountains
And take cabs when you leave in a huff

I’m vegetarian each day
there’s no moon or sun
I never touch whiskey
When there’s none

My quibblin’ siblin’ armed with no misgivings
‘Bout lookin my way with a frown
You think it’s like you saw it , way back when in August
Can’t believe I’m cuttin down
I nurse a few cervezas
Follow doctor’s orders
Unless there’s brown to be found

Jimmy Beam’s a king to some
don’t mean that I’m his pawn
I never touch whiskey
When it’s gone

© 2022 Matthew P. Hanley (BMI)