Words and Music by Matt Hanley



Gonna head on down to Memphis.
Our friend Bob is stuck inside
Many miles away from Nashville.
Tennessee is very wide

Just say no to highway eatin’.
Don’t wanna ruin your appetite
We’ll do our eatin’ down in Memphis.
Memphis does barbecue right

We make it onto Beale street.
We wade through the mob
Let’s taste these pulled pork nachos.
Then we’ll go huntin’ for Bob

Cooper-Young is a hip hang.
Drink brew from Styrofoam cups
Imbibe in Cajun pizza.
But Central Q is where we’ll sup

There’s a long line for the short ribs.
No one seems to care
Blues players are playing.
Sweet soul music’s in the air

We’ll catch this mean trio.
At Miss Handy’s juke joint
We still gotta pick Bob up.
If you see him, point.

We run into Sam Phillips’ son.
He wants corn on the cob.
Macro-dosing fried chicken
doesn’t conjure Bob.

You want a music museum.
Memphis doesn’t lack
Spend a day at Graceland.
Spend a day at Stax

Bob’s whereabouts are unknown.
We searched Memphis far and wide
Sure we’ll eventually see him.
Seems we’re also stuck inside

© 2020 Matthew P. Hanley (BMI)