Words and Music by Matt Hanley



First I took a lesson then I took my brother’s surfboard
The waves were up in Cape Cod , I loaded up my trusty green Ford
Windows wide open singing along to the wind
Sky began a soaking. I rolled up a spliff and grinned

Splitsville to college, I don’t know what it’s for
Me and my surfboard are out on tour
Getting educated on the National Seashore

I love my folks but can’t stand chores
I pull my weight in the burbs no more
I do the dishes on the National Seashore

It’s rippin down the coastline that is what the weatherman said
Me my sister and our cousin took turns driving down to Nags Head

I met my new steady coming in from the tide
First I took her clamming, then I took her for my bride
A native Yankee she wants to hang in her home sand
So we packed up her red wagon. Pulled it up to Fire Island

Crashing in hammocks, sleeping on boards. Have the right partner, you’re never poor
Take care of business on the National Seashore

Cleaning windows, scrubbing floors. When you do life together, there are no chores
Love and marriage on the National Seashore

bop ba-na na – oooo la la la la
bop ba-na na – ah ah
bop ba-na na – ah ah ah

Won’t you come and visit? Won’t you come and visit?
Won’t you come and visit the National Seashore!

© 2018 Matthew P. Hanley (BMI)