Words and Music by Matt Hanley



Desktop lunches, barstool dinners.
Glorious Glenda came into my life
Each meal we sit at a table.
The servers think we’re husband and wife
Not quite down with popping the question.
Not so sure we should be engaged
I love her but for one thing about her:
She thinks the lunar landing was staged

She’s the best thing in my life. I’m no denier
Can I give all my years to a girl callin’ Buzz a liar

Whenever Glenda enters the picture
I pause go ‘Doh’ she laughs and pulls me near
We never don’t get along, all my friends say
It’s commitment I fear
But I drop all my plans for her.
I don’t have a fear of being caged
I’m troubled by her disbelief in NASA.
She thinks the lunar landing was staged

She says Stanley Kubrick yelled ‘roll’ and ‘cut’
I try to argue but on this her mind’s wide shut

So she has a fringe theory and you don’t share the view
The part of her believing that’s the part that accepts you

It’s clear she doesn’t trust the government.
And clearly she doesn’t dote on astronauts
She has no conflicts so why should I
throw back what I have caught

She trusts and admires me.
Wants no diamonds or furs
She’s kind and brilliant
I should trust and admire her

Tell your mom, tell your butler:
Glenda and I are happily engaged
Believes don’t align but it’s feelings that matter

She is outstanding. We will be banding
She thinks the moon landing was staged

© 2018 Matthew P. Hanley (BMI)