I hope I don’t go scizo
It’d be really bad for my career.
If I’m gonna win a Grammy Award.
Then no diseases can appear.
I’l take extra care of my liver.
I’m scared of these dots on my tongue.
What else besides no ciagrettes,
Will keep cancer off of my lung?
I wonder if my eyesight,
is something the Doc can save.
Yesterday while it was still on,
I looked at the microwave.
My hair’s starting to fall out.
Hell, look at the soap in the tub.
I screwed myself by running late,
Insisted on nuking my grub.
My left foot won’t move an inch.
They say it’s fallen asleep.
But what if the thing never wakes up?
Howm I to take the Big Leap?
My chin is getting all hairy.
Toe nails have turned curvy long.
I haven’t touched either these things,
So what the damm heck’s going wrong?
Still, I got me a Lady.
She fixes me
all healthy meals.
Tells me to focus
on my Art.
That none of my troubles are real.
I must eat all of my veggies.
No “ifs” “ands” or “butts”.
I’ve got a really good thing going.
I better not go nuts.

© 2024 Matthew P. Hanley