She Won’t Stop Talking to Me

Words and Music by Matthew P. Hanley (BMI)

“She Won’t Stop Talking to Me” is a fun, chill song where the singer recounts the specifics of the day he met someone special. He worries that she won’t speak to him, and he wants to “avoid an impasse.” They get along well, so he asks her out. She takes his number so she can let him know. This worries him, as he has lost control i.e. “haven’t made further talking a sure thing.” But the phone does ring, leading to a guitar break. When that’s through he relates how much she talks, about subjects that includes “teaching our kids karate.” Thus we learn that they maybe married, or otherwise have a long-term relationship. Cute!

“She Wont’ Stop …” is track 8 on the Matt Hanley album “To Be With You.”