Words and Music by Matt Hanley



St Pat’s bruncheon didn’t know what to get
Ducked into a drugstore a CVS
Thrown off guard when the store cop muttered peculiar advice
Dig the aisle four from the cooler of ice

Long green shelf of Guinness, toy leprechauns
Four leaf clovers, Irish flags plant in the lawn
A row devoted to Saint Pats but only that time of year
Otherwise it’s given to whatever holiday is near

Wonderful, glorious, marvelous seasonal aisle
You heard right, a-i-s-l-e
Drugstores have more than Scope and Q-tips
Christmas time you can pick up a Christmas tree

Memorial Day weekend I knew just where to go
Would make my friends’ fiesta the best they throw
Aisle 8 is the number for those keeping score
Flip flops, sandals, towels, ingredients for s’mores

Thought while browsing skin products was by myself
Saw something appealing not on the shelf
A maiden so attractive, I forgot my list
Drove us to the party, that’s where we first kissed

Wonderful glorious marvelous seasonal aisle
Druggist sets out timely items for sale
Marshmallow Peeps, plastic grass for Easter
Summer found chairs, my angel, shovels and pale

I was in a romance, no single goon
Moved into a cottage the 10th of June
Tanning by the river, we’d get each other’s back
Barnum’s Animal Crackers was our snack

Labor Day picnic, pit stop at CVS
Friends said pick up Cheetos, we said no sweat
Thrown off guard when the store cop muttered unwanted foresight
Said for me and angel, this would be the last night

So nice to know you. I’m glad we met
Three months a season. That’s all we get

I found summer love in the wonderful seasonal aisle
August fades, it’s hung with pencils and pens
Back to school, back to being single
Sure hope I see Angel again

© 2021 Matthew P. Hanley (BMI)