Upgrade to Pro or Ultra

You may find having just 3 active songs to be a limitation, and seek a bigger plan. (See pricing / plan page).

Beyond having more songs, you may also want to upgrade so that you can sell quarters and downloads. If that is your aim, you will need a PayPal business account, because IGL transactions are directly between fan and you.


1. To upgrade from a PayPal Personal Account to a PayPal Business Account, do this.

If you don’t have any account yet, start here.

2. Generate a PayPal Client ID

  • Go to : https://developer.paypal.com/dashboard
  • Follow the steps to generate a Client ID
  • See this animation for guidance.

3. Go to IGL Jukebox Admin

Login to your Admin to upgrade your Account. You will make a payment via PayPal, and then be set with the Pro or Ultra capabilities.