Matt with colleagues of The New York Times
Enhance your product team with MH.

Hello, I am open to work opportunities.

My general job description is the organizing and display of information to increase positive interactions.

I offer the following services.

Report : Missing and Misplaced

How is your site / user flow living up to its intention and potential? I will review your strategy, audience, traffic funnel, landing pages / website to identify:

  • inconsistencies & incongruencies
  • missing / hard-to-find info
  • non-optimal prompting text, with suggested rewrites

Together with your notes about what you wish to be added / edited, we will make a plan of action!

Digital Product Design

We start with paper and pen. We brainstorm. We discuss everything you want to present to the users, and everything they might share with you. The goal is to generate a comprehensive blueprint for your project, including notes about interaction, with or without the actual words (copy).

Next we look at options for building-out the design into a digital reality. We might use ReadyMag,, WordPress, or FullPage.js.

Learn more.


Small, single-purpose apps that can be integrated into your blog or website. Created with whimsy and ease-of-use in mind.

Examples: What is the Temperature?, Microwave Cook Time Conversion. Or it might be a custom, fun form for a website. See the Credit Card input demo.

Today’s competitive world requires creative thinking about how to display products and ideas.

It also requires offering visitors choices and accommodating their preferences. That’s why I didn’t just create eJukes to spin records. I also made it so that artists can customize their page, and their fans can customize their experience with background animations and disc colors.

Your digital worlds can be creative and interactive; the two go hand in hand!

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