Questions about It Goes Like Virtual Jukebox

About Running a Catalog

I don’t mind slaving over a DAW like ProTools to shape my songs just exactly as I want. But, my enthusiasm for computers does not extend to spreadsheets! I know it’s Google, but isn’t it just like Excel, and isn’t that like the opposite of everything cool? Oh man, I’m getting nauseous just thinking about having to update some spreadsheet. That’s for the bean counters, hombre. Count me out.

You’re right: the hard work is making a recording you want to share. Yes, a spreadsheet is hardly sexy or cool, but it’s necessary admin and is actually simple work. No formulas are used. It’s straight-up info like a table with columns and rows. Give it a shot, starting with just the required 5 columns. You’ll find that adding new songs takes just a couple minutes. Remember the column “Active.” Check that your other info suits you, and then set Active to “yes” for the song to appear in your catalog.

I added a song but it doesn’t appear in my catalog. What gives?

Remember the last column “active.” Check that your other info suits you, and then set Active to “yes” for the song to appear in your catalog. A row will also be excluded if any of the first 5 columns are incomplete or wrongly formatted. For example, if the link to the mp3 is not an mp3.

My altruism is such that I didn’t even consider adding a PayPal account so I can offer quarters and downloads for sale. But now I’m thinking, hec, it’s a solid deal : I would get all the funds, instantly, minus Paypal’s take which is like 2.9% or something. How can I add this feature, and would my fans rebel at my lack of benevolence?

We feel you, amigs. We all wish to be benevolent and non-commercial, but also seek monetary compensation to live in our material world. We don’t think it’s mutually exclusive to sell things and to be a good person. For each of us, it’s a journey of trial and error, finding the right balance. If you don’t already have a Pro or Ultra account, read about those plans and upgrading.

I’m ready to set up my catalog but need an Invite Code.

Send a note to service@itgoeslike.com to ask for an Invite Code.

It seems like a good deal. You put a lot of work into this, and keep things interesting with new disc styles and light shows each month. All the same, my belief system forbids me from paying a dime for services, and yet the Free Basic account isn’t enough. How can IGL accommodate me?

We offer 5 scholarships each month for a year of free IGL Pro service to artists. The deadline is the 25th of each month. Send your essay to Matt.

I’m not overly pleased with this month’s visual options for disc color and light show. I have some ideas that would really Pop, with my tunes in particular you know. So, can you add a new disc color or light show?

We welcome ideas for disc colors and light shows. Send a note to Matt.

I see 17 rows in the Template. How many songs can we have?

It comes down to your Account type, and which of your songs you have set to active (column F to ‘yes’). You can enter any number of songs. But, the system will only read the first X number of rows that are set to active (and are properly formatted). X depends on your account level. For Basic, X = 3; for Pro, X=12; for Ultra, X is unlimited.

Some of my boss tracks don’t have cover art. What should I do?

You could use the album’s cover if that exists, but that might get repetitive. For help making a cover, we have found the free Canva service to be .. boss.

The sticking point for me is this whole business of needing a logo. I don’t have one!

That’s understandable, friend. But a logo is needed for the full fan appreciation experience. Making one can be as simple as opening MS Paint and typing your name. Or find an online logo generator. We found a couple that work well: Canva, and Looka