Based on the design I shared earlier, I coded a working widget that displays temperature (for U.S. locations). The gist is, some people in the U.S. (from other countries) might need the digits in Celsius. Our design makes that info quickly displayed on-demand, without Javascript. They key to our design is having the scale and degree symbol BEFORE the digits.

We also threw in the city name and sky status (cloudy, clear etc).

See it in action!

Turning a Design into a Working Widget

We found a free API to fetch the present weather. OpenWeather –

As a parameter it takes a city, state. We obtain this info from another API service, IP GeoLocation – which returns a lot of info about a user’s location. Such as longitude and latitude. Unfortunately, OpenWeather free service does not accept long. and lat.. and GeoLocation state values are in the long form.. we had to find a Javascript list someone made to easily convert.