MH with friend Times Square

You and I

Wherein, YOU, refers to a human being at this very moment, looking at this page, from your “device,” and I, being Matt Hanley, curator of this website and creator of much of the works featured herein…

How Shall We Communicate?

I don’t know yet who you are, as my Evil Ad-Targeting Software is in the shop. You can get the ball rolling by emailing me. Just click the image.

clicking this will popup your email client..

The nature of our relationship

We might do somethings together. This list is not exhaustive, and the items aren’t mutually exclusive. Here’s what I’m thinking :

Collaborate / Contributing

Are you a music producer, engineer, musician, singer? I need lots of help of the kind you could offer. The special secret project, code-named, O.R., will commence in the near future. There are many parts to play! Drop a line.

I Assist With Your Learning or Presenting

I have a consultancy through which I assist with Learning How Something Goes and Showing How Something Goes. Visit the MH Office for details.

You Want to License a Recording

For issues regarding the publishing of my songs and use of my recordings, visit the MH Office.

You Want to Buy a Copy of Something I Made

The MH Store is in the works. Meanwhile, you can order t-shirts, mugs, magnets etc that have my cartoons and some song lyrics at my Threadless store named Famprr.

We Become Digital Friends / Co-Followers

Nothing fills me with more dread than having and maintaining a social media account. I can’t even share a link because I change username so often, in hopes that one of them will bring some sense of magic that died with MySpace. Drop me an email and we’ll find a way forward.

You Shall Listen to My Music on Your Preferred BIG MUSIC PLATFORM

Look for Matt Hanley and Starring MH. Since there’s likely more than one Matt Hanley, search for “Starter Clothes.” You can also visit the Sand Records YouTube channel, and my BandCamp page.