My Girlfriend’s Parents’ Beach House

Words and Music by Matthew P. Hanley (BMI)


“MGPBH” is a fun, uptempo song about pride in what you have indirectly accomplished. It’s a bit of a send-up of braggards. In the song, our narrator talks up his girlfriend’s parents’ beach house. He is aware it is not his, but is proud that he was able to win her and the family over, granting him beach access. There is recurring reference to a hurricane wiping the beach away, but to him it’s another party. He is not merely a freeloader. At the end of the song, after the hurricane, he pledges

“I made it here, I’ll help rebuild my girlfriend’s parents’ beach house.”

“My Girlfriend’s Parents’ Beach House” is the first track on the Starring MH album “Whenever Next Time Is.”