Black Pink and Red

Words and Music by Matthew P. Hanley (BMI)


“BPR” is about a person yearning for an flame from his past. The colors in the title refer to the girl’s underwear. It’s a whimsical song. It is a nod to the excitement of the loves of our youth. Fast-paced. Punk vibe. Influenced by The Buzzcocks. The theme and energy of the song is all obvious within first 20 seconds when the singer shares :

“I miss someone like Forrest missed Jenny
I get no game I used to get plenty
Learned the inside out when I bounced with her
I could see her bra
I recall each color
Black pink and red (yeah yeah)
The colors of her underwear”

artwork for BPR is a nod to Van Halen’s “Diver Down”

“Black Pink and Red” is the third track on the Starring MH album “Seasonal Aisle.”