Songs by MH

That’s me in the hat, and mustache, without shades.
While fixing up a home, on break from the New York Times, I decided I like the flexible time to write. That’s when I began cranking out songs. I’ve written 70 songs and have recorded 52 of them in the past 5 years.

Listen to my songs in the Sand Records Jukebox

If you go to the Sand Records jukebox here at IGL, you can hear some of my works.

Here’s a full list of the songs I have recorded.

These songs, ordered alphabetically, are registered with BMI performance rights organization and are published by Matthew P. Hanley. If interested in covering or licensing a song, contact the MH Office.

Are We Certain?

Cold feet on wedding day

Black Pink and Red

Fond memories of an old flame

Change at My Place

Bachelor pad makeover

Coats on the Bed

Frisky holiday host


Homesick Marines

County Vacation

A road trip to lockup

Dinner at Noon

A mother-in-law visits

Eddie Van Halen

Tribute to guitar legend EVH

Go In With Me

Accelerated partnering

Half the Night

Protesting a sleepover

Her Afternoons Are Full

Missing the missus

I Can Only Like You a Lot

Making a case for more than friendship.

I Can’t Hear So Well

Feigning injury to lure a partner.

I Dig Marie

Finding a life purpose

I’m on a Train, I’m on My Cell Phone

Commuting enthusiasm

I’m Sure You Might

Taunting an opponent.

In Doing So

Advising a friend to move on from a loss

It’s Still the United States to Me

Dance as a refuge from lies

Just Say You Do

Faking it before making it

Keep Me Company

Fighting redundancy and solitude

Leave Visor Boy

Pleading with a barmaid to drop that zero

Love Should Be Obvious

It might not be too late for these lab geeks.

Lunar Landing

A conspiracy theory jeopardizes a romance.

Man of the House Now

Instructions to presumed replacement

Moot Point

Fishing for a second chance

My Girlfriend’s Parents’ Beach House

Pride for what you’ve indirectly attained.

My Occupation

Accommodating a lover’s moods

National Seashore

Growing into the person you want to be.

New Start

Leaving home with someone special

One More Week

Saying bon voyage to a friend

One Thing We Don’t Have to Fix

When all is broken except what’s important

Record Player & a Cat

Cutting back to life essentials.

Remnants of Ida

A romantic partner storms out of town.

Seasonal Aisle

Finding love in the pharmacy.. next to flip flops

She Belongs to Everyone But Me

A super busy woman

She Won’t Stop Talking to Me

Thankful for enduring trust

She’s Coming Around

A love may soon be requited

Starter Clothes

Ambition and betrayal in the big city

Still I Go On

First-world problems


A gloomy hometown

The Person I Have

Secret Santa romance

The West Side Highway

Bliss via a great road and co-pilot

Then We’d Have to Go Through Security Again

Weighing risks of a side-trip

To Be With You

A dangerous signifcant other

Unblock Me Baby

Wanting to be friends with an ex.

Uncertainty Begone

Waiting on a phone call

Unstucking Bob

A trek through Memphis

Wandering Eye

Confronting monogamy

We’ve Got Love

Never ever ever gonna break-up

When It’s Gone

Getting on the wagon

Whenever Next Time Is

Looking forward to future visits.

Whoa Christmas

Seeking peace and forgiveness

Why Do We Marry?

Making a case for staying single

You Don’t Get My Song

Establishing limits with an ex

Not Included !

Perhaps my most listened to song, is not so much an MH composition but me putting silly lyrics over a MIDI track of the theme song to the TV show “Three’s Company.” It’s an elongated version of the joke “Horse Walks into a Bar.” You can see the animation I made for it on Youtube…