Really, God, please

May 24th, 2022 – a bad day, maybe the worst day ever; certainly so for some grieving parents in Texas. An evil young man, age 18, entered a grade school and 18 children and a couple adults. Hearing the news was devastating. I felt physically ill. I am pretty shaken up about this. And yes, I know, I am not even a parent, let alone a parent to one of the children slain. But I’m human, so certainly not immune to waves of revulsion watching the news tonight. This latest mass-shooting seemed different for some reason. I think it’s because of the extreme elements. And that it seems now inevitable.. we are in a post-“something.” There’s no longer any sense that this can be stopped. But maybe that means, moving forward, after THIS instance, it must and will be stopped. Else, what can we honestly say about the country in which we live?

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