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With 50+ original songs, 200+ jokes, dozens of poems, and a sizable list of cover songs, MH is prepared to entertain live audiences. Note: this video uses canned 3rd party audio.

A lively, effective way to learn a song, dance, and joke is to see (and hear) it in-person. The most likely way to experience a live demo of a Matt Hanley-penned song or joke is to see me (remember, this is First Person Narration) perform a concert or a set. This can happen both indoors and outdoors!

INSIDE – Starring MH show at Max Fish, NYC

This page is mostly about Matt Hanley live demos / shows. But like the site itself (ItGoesLike) , our scholarship includes a variety of artists and subjects shows — both past and present. Some are even happening AS YOU READ THIS ! !

MH plays CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising” right before a storm on the Rockaway boardwalk.

More than just runnin’ through a Tom Petty song or blasting into a CCR tribute, I can play numerous songs written by others. Indeed, I can cover about 40 “non-MH” compositions… the key is always the same : learn the essence, concentrate, get into the groove. When you are in the song, you can get it out.

Remember that playing means playing… in many live settings, the most important elements of your recitation are keeping / enhancing the spirit of the room (crowd). To play with people, for people is a great joy. Take for instance, this clip of yours truly rolling through an oldie / goodie “Chapel of Love”, and inviting the show’s host to sing along..

Matt Hanley with Jon Berger on the last day of shows at Sidewalk Cafe, East Village, New York City.

Or this rendition of an 80s Madonna song. Performing with longtime friends for an appreciative East Village New York City crowd.

Matt performs an old Madonna song with Kevin, Ashford, and Hart (tambo unseen)

Upcoming Shows to See Live

The Corona Virus Timeout made “computer live” shows a thing. I prefer “live live” shows… but let’s face it, some combination of “it” and “face” is our inevitable fate in these crazy times of digital – virtual – IRL circus.

Future Live Shows Featuring Matt Hanley

Updated June 25, 2022

No shows to report.

Matt Hanley with band
Matt Hanley and band as Starring MH, East Village NYC