Borscht Walks into a Bar

I’m running a fundraiser for Ukraine by selling t-shirts with this joke.

Front of the shirt
Back of the shirt

I came up with the joke last week. I’m probably uniquely qualified to have come up with this idea, seeing that I live in a Ukrainian neighborhood (as I had in Chicago), and have written a song about “horse walks into a bar.”

“Borscht” is a Russian / Ukrainian soup. It didn’t take long to think of a punch line.. “Bartender says, we don’t serve soup.” But it did take many hours to draft and refine a tee-shirt design.

I sell t-shirts through the company THREADLESS. They donate $1 per sale to one of several charities. Alas, Ukrainian relief is not among the choices, so I went with the American Red Cross. Secondly, I have personally pledged to donate $2 per sale towards Razom for Ukraine. I will contribute the funds September 1 and each subsequent month.

You can purchase a shirt in many styles and sizes. And / or, you can get the design on a poster, or magnet. CHECK OUT THE MERCHANDISE OPTIONS !

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