How to Make Your Jukebox

The IGL Jukebox is for artists or record labels who have the rights to represent a catalog of sound recordings. It is not for playing a personal collection of mp3s whose rights are owned elsewhere.

1 – Upload Tracks and Art to DropBox

DropBox is a terrific cloud-computer specialist. You probably already have an account and some files stored with DropBox. If not, start an account.

Tracks for playing on the Jukebox must be .mp3 format. Cover art must be a square .jpg

We recommend putting files in a folder with a name like “IGL Catalog.”

Did you know? DropBox for your computer (Windows and Mac) makes storing files all the more easier — as simple as saving files to a folder. Get it.

2 – Make Your Google Sheet

You give each of your tracks a row in a spreadsheet. There are columns for info such as the song title and song URL (from DropBox).

Start at the IGL Template. Then use File: Make a Copy (note: you must be logged in to Google ). Give it a name such as IGL Catalog for (YOUR NAME).


For guidance on how each column relates to the Jukebox, click here. The Free account reads the first 3 active songs from your sheet. You can upgrade later for more.

Note: Your sheet will open in a new window or tab, and be stored in your Google Drive and can be quickly located at

3 – Register with It Goes Like

Go to Admin and start your free account with It Goes Like.

Note: you will need an INVITE CODE. You can request an invite code by sending a note to your host, MH

Oh yeah, and you will need a Logo. You can make one here.