For the Love of God …

Not to presume the existence of a deity (even though most of my songs depend on It ..) , but I was compelled to use the expression above when realizing it’d been more than EIGHT months since I posted (a blog post) !

The reason, which only an astute follower of this “website blog whatevs” could deduce, is that I began a home-recording project in late September 2022… it became the first album I put out under my name – Matt Hanley. The album “To Be With You.” Released March 17th, 2022.. But wait, there’s more …

Then I decided to make videos for each of the 11 songs on the album.

So, I just was busy as a bee, often not sleeping much. I finished the videos last week, and am now organizing this “blog thingy” which I imagine, should have some blog posts — and it shall!

I will make a big post about the making of the record, and another about the full “music dance experience” that is the album length video.

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