Catalog Elements – Origins

This guide describes from where the catalog’s elements derive. Either a Sheet Column or Admin.

When the page first loads, a welcome message and the logo appear. The message and logo are set in Admin. The catalog name is also set in Admin when registering. Also, the number of free quarters is set in Admin. The quarter bank shows how many coins the fan has.
When selecting songs, a fan sees, for each of your data rows, a small version of the cover jpg. On non-mobile, mouseover reveals the song title and artist name.
After selecting a song, it loads onto the turntable, and its info is shown atop the screen. This is the song and artist name. The disc has a Logo that is set in Admin.
A fan can change her visual settings by clicking Prefs. These colors and patterns are offered by IGL You may suggest a color, pattern or light show to IGL by sending an email to
On selection, the cover art moves into the screen and then down beneath the turntable. Be sure to use a .jpg for your cover art.
When a fan clicks “Liner Notes” she sees the text you entered in Column D. Remember, you can get new break lines in Sheets by using “Alt-Enter.”
A song can lead to a purchase of the single or an album (inc. EP).
When a fan clicks the button to purchase, she sees a modal that contains the relevant bits of info. “High-Quality Download” is system text. We expect you to provide hi-res mp3s for your single and album (in a zip).
On page load, if the fan is out of quarters, she sees a notice. The number of quarters per dollar is a system setting, not changeable by catalog admin.
The coin bank being empty, a button to purchase quarters appears. Six quarters per dollar is set by the System.

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