Virtual Record Player – Jukebox

A fun, interactive way to demonstrate how a song goes, is through a virtual jukebox. I made one for this website,, and I offer it to artists and music organizations at a reasonable price.

I also made an interactive “45” record player, it lets the listener control the stylus, and flip to the other side of a single. This is in use by Sand Records. See example.

Likewise, the licensee has control over much of the LOOK such as the turntable, stylus, adapter, disc image, disc label. If you know someone interested in such a system, my office is ready to assist.

As a bonus, I have set it up to be managed by a Google Spreadsheet. And, your artwork and mp3s can reside in DropBox !

Whether it is one song, two songs, a single album, or a catalog of songs, my customizable Virtual Record Player and Virtual Juke Box is a sensation too good not to be part of your bag, babe.

Attention to detail — 45″ sides use an Adapter