Pro Consulting

The admin of, MH – Matt Hanley, offers design consulting. Design consulting can be done at any stage of the product development cycle, offering you fresh eyes to your project.

The goal of my design consulting is to improve your product by identifying usability and tech shortcomings, and writing out a prescription to bring it up to par. To expedite this process I am offering a service called “Three Upgrades”, in which we focus on three areas most in need of improvement in your product. Read on …


Point me to anything, and I will identify three things that ought to be improved. You will get:

  • an explanation of what makes its present condition non-optimal,
  • screenshots or photos
  • a roadmap that answers “do what now?” aka how to improve the solution.

The process can be repeated until your site, app, or product is copacetic.

Contact MH Office to get started with digital product consultation.