The It Goes Like staff is committed to giving fans a most pleasing listening experience, and to giving artists an interesting way to offer their music while maximizing their income, should they choose.


We are grateful for the commitment of openness on the part of Google and DropBox, which allows us to put together the IGL Catalog system. Our code is able to read Google Sheets just like a database, thanks to the Google API Library for PHP. DropBox deserves commendation for being alone among cloud-storage providers in offering a means to render files outside of its ‘walled garden.’ Also, thanks to PayPal, which makes it simple to obtain a Business Account and app ID for those artists wishing to make money from their music.


The record player and jukebox was made by Matt Hanley (far right in the above photo, as host of Ha Ha Hanley). He fashioned a ‘poor man’s CMS’ for musician Joel Hamilton, who sought the jukebox for the Embassy Freqs, a project where he regularly adds new tunes from multiple artists. Eventually, Matt had the insight that he could offer this solution to numerous artists, and he set out to rebuild his code for scale. The user preferences (choose disc color and light show) is his favorite part of coding for It Goes Like. He gets the biggest thrill from seeing a new catalog come to life when all the bits are properly connected. Joel’s Embassy Freqs and Matt’s Sand Records are the first two catalogs to use IGL.

It Goes Like is a project by Famprr LLC, a New York creative workshop founded in 2018.

To share your ideas or complaints, contact MH directly through his office.